Thursday, March 17, 2011

Promoting...Tomasz (& Edgar (& George))

Sadly no updates on my own projects. Though I have been rewriting some dialogue on a very sad story, I've mostly been really busy doing commisioned work. Which actually isn't all that bad since I'll be able to pay my rent and have pancakes with bacon for breakfast, lunch and diner.

Instead I'd like to point you guys out this very interesting animation project by my friend Tomasz Kaye: 'Edgar the Exploiter'.

It's a currently a work in progress (to which you can donate btw!) and will follow up on his previous animation 'George Ought to Help', which dealt with the subject of stateless society. Judging from the preview artwork Edgar will look even better than George, and knowing Tomasz, will deal with some interesting views on modernday society. Have a look!

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