Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's the day

Just a few hours before the people of Letterfreak/Wallcover will deliver my new work, titled Roots, to Het Gemaal. Pretty damned exciting! Let's hope Murphy's Law will pick on someone else today, since we have no way of coming up with a replacement, should something turn out wrong.

The format of the work has changed by the way, to 2 mtrs wide and 2.5 mtrs tall. Still, it should be impressive, so come and have a look! Opening starts at 20.00 hrs and fashionjournalist Aynouk Tan will guide us through the pieces and interview some of the artists afterwards.

Note to visitors: public transport is on strike today in all of Rotterdam! So join us by foot, fixie, car, or even better: by TARDIS. In which case you'll get my piece for free after the exhibition's over ;)


Florian Schroiff said...

If I come in a TARDIS can I get the art before you made it?

Erwin said...

I should think so. If you do, tell past-me that the final size will not be 3x2 but 2x2.5 instead. It will save new-future-me a lot of trouble.

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