Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's all meet up in the year 2020

So again I'm a bit late with my version of the Friday Afternoon Stammtisch assignment, but this time let's blame it on the fantastic Jens Lekman concert in Postbahnhof and enjoyable coffee dates that turn into long walks along the Spree during these last sunny autumn afternoons :)

I think in the end the lists that we end up with are just as much of an artwork as the pieces that evolve from it. This time it went as follows:

main character: Jezus
side-kick: a Princess
object: a Taxidermy Animal
location: a Discotheque
time/era: the Near Future

You can see what amazingly detailed piece Bart came up with over here and behind the jump you'll find some behind-the-scenes stuff about my piece, Disco2020!

So where are we exactly?

It's the year 2020 and the location is the infamous Club Bye Bye where a party is in full swing, celebrating all the extinct animals of Earth (yes, I might be a bit pessimistic here). It's a costume party, but seems like two people didn't get the dress code right.

The idea started with making a ‘Where’s Waldo’ kind of picture, with Jezus and his royal side-kick being the ones you’d have to find. But obviously this version is a lot easier to solve (I think most of humanity may have died alongside with the animals).

In this sketch you can see that there was an idea to put a DJ on top of the basalt eagle's head. Other ideas that didn't make it were the taxidermy butterfly wall and the heads of some hunted animals. The geometric figures on the bottom right were more intricate designs for the dance floor. Too keep the scene less cluttered I opted for the more classic 70s Saturday Night Fever version.

I came across the design of this sustainable dance floor on facebook, so I had to make a sketch version of it, just for fun. Also, I shortly fiddled around of using two mannequins with animals' heads as an entrance, but decided a full deer would work less confusing. And I'm sure I'll use the light pillar designs some other time.

Hope you enjoy the picture!


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