Friday, January 2, 2015

Another New Year

On a personal note: 2014 was quite a tumultuous year over here, but in the end I think what will stick with me most are all the great, smart, empathic, interesting and caring people I’ve met or grew close with. For this year’s holidays greeting image I at first considered making an image of two people, holdings hands and watching a new night sky arrive, but after a very brief moment of insight that idea quickly fizzled out (pfew!). Because, hey – what’s wrong with having amazing friends/buddies/partners in crime instead of one loved one?

So: here’s to great friendship! May 2015 bring you guys lots of it, along with interesting new opportunities, valuable insights, crazy dancing nights and stories to tell in the years to come.

xo :)

If you’d like a wallpaper version for your desktop/iPhone/iPad: have a look over here.

There's a few notes after the jump:

Above: Wireframe screenshot of the scene. For the majority of the stars I actually used C4D's viewport object display. The spherical stars are actually omni and area lights with the sphere representing the light's falloff radii. Other shapes were made from null objects with their object display set to show a pentagon or just some splines grouped together.

I really like the pixeled look here. Why pretend this anything else but digital? Also, mixing the jagged look with a more realistic lens flare creates a nice subtle tension in the image, by allowing different materialities to speak out. The eclipsing sun feels even more like a burning light source because of the realistic way it's lens effects are rendered in relation to the pixels that don't hide their flat origins.


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