Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello, World

I had imagined Noodles to be long finished by now, but alas, courtesy of some sidetracks that needed finishing, progress has been a bit slow lately. However, I'm very happy that at least I still enjoy working on it and last week there was some feature-creep trimming that should make for a more coherent game (and one that's finished before the end of the year I imagine).

Against better judgement I also went into polishing mode for some of the parts and completely re-did the rooftop scene. Focussing on getting the mechanics to work properly should be my main goal, I guess, but coming from a visual arts background, some tiny bits of blandness in the previous models started to really get on my nerves. The new setup should work much better :).

Also, there's more (relevant!) starstuff in the game now and some of the puzzles & hints work together much better as well. AND I've been putting in some soundFX made with BFXR, which really complements the look and feel. So all in all: Progress!

Some more screens after the jump:

Feature-creep that can stay in: some NPCs to populate the outside world.

"You can't hide from galaxies" (<--- actual in-game hint)
And why should you, with them being so pretty and all.

Still tweaking SUN's Red Giant look. Used particles to make a fiery corona and added growling burning sounds made with BFXR. 

The rooftop garden's new look. I was inspired by some of the orchid plantations I saw in Indonesia, which were covered by huge nets, so I was going for a more airy feel. The previous version seemed bulky, static, uninspired. Now, you're walking on nets and planks. I wanted to let the player see what's going on with the roots of the plant, but now I don't know if I will still keep that idea in.


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