Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seeing in C#

Being in cocooning mode has been great for digging my teeth into Unity C#. After a handful of futile attempts at getting back into programming (not that I ever was that advanced before, but I have dabbled with GameMaker back in my PC days) and after having done artwork for two games (with Mudvark and Glitchnap), I'm finally starting to see the light, in C#. And it's awesome!

I've been working steadily on a little game idea with Unity 3D. C4D's FBX export hasn't given me any troubles as of late, so my work is easily ported to Unity and I can spend my time focussing on learning C# and on working my way through Mecanim. 'Noodles' will be small and manageable, so I can actually finish it entirely instead of slowly letting it bleed to death or discarding it, as easily happens with my personal projects; even with the simple mechanics I'm already finding plenty of programming obstacles to overcome. So in the mean time, here's some work in progress shots taken within Unity. Also, I'll be posting some work-in-progress on my twitter, from time to time.

Of course there had to be *some* flora in the game.
A view of the main level and its colliders. Very happy with the open look of the architecture.
The outside world.
Preliminary and unnecessary states-messiness in Mecanim.
Oops. Some texture swapping mistakes that actually look kinda rad.
Dreaming of the surface of the sun (enter Sunshine soundtrack cue).

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